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When I started looking for light controllers, I wanted something that required very little programming and adjusted easily throughout the night. The PFX is exactly what I needed. - John [Day and Nyte DJ's]

Regardless of the venue, the PFX edition is the ultimate controller for your dance floor. Unleash the power of your par lights with the unmatched sound reactivity of BLACKBIRD technology. RGB, RGBA, RGBW, 5-in1 and HEX lights come alive when driven by the DMX commands of the PFX edition. See the complete tutorial below.

Control knobs allow you to set your mood lighting color: The Red, Green, and Blue knobs control the full visible spectrum for nearly every Par on the market. The White/UV knob provides additional functionality for lights that feature White and/or UV LEDs. When it's time to dance, flip the Function Switch from "Color Assign" to "Sound Reactive" and your lights blaze with incredible reactivity to the music.

A three position switch toggles between performance modes: in LIVE MODE, the real-time audio content is converted to DMX commands at a constant stream. This mode provides a very high-energy show where the lights react to everything.
The BEAT MODE is somewhat lower-energy in that the DMX signal is updated on the beat of the music. This mode is perfect for slow dances, whenever you need to tone down the energy or even just for a little change of mood during a set.
In the OFF position, the DMX BLACKBIRD sends out zero values to the lights to keep them off regardless of the audio input. Exactly what you need when you want music playing but not have the lighting on at all.

Additionally, you can set up lighting in any or all of four styles: All-in-One, Static Banks, Dynamic Banks, and Non-Reactive. You'll have complete control of your lighting design and you can finally add all that up-lighting to your dance floor experience.


Complete Audio to DMX conversion tutorial using the DMX BLACKBIRD PFX edition

We are also very pleased to announce that the PFX edition now comes with support for the Chauvet COLORstrip and COLORstrip Mini. The COLORstrip lights have a notorious DMX implementation that makes it difficult to control with standard controllers. You can see the Tutorial and Demo Here.

John Young reviews the PFX edition on DJNTV's Tuesday Night DJ Chat Preview Show

Check out "Day and Nyte DJ's" videos of the PFX

If you are not sure if your lights are compatible with the PFX, tell us what you have and we'll let you know if it will work. CONTACT US



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